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Websites are a great way to present your idea, opinion or business to the world. Each website has a unique feel and style – from the design, to the content, to the usability and navigation. In today’s world, it is important that viewers can easily traverse through your website without hassle. If viewers cannot find the information they are searching for, they will simply leave your website.

At Sol Technology, we break websites into two main areas of expertise, Website Design and Website Development. We offer services for both areas, and packages that include both areas under a single price. If you are looking for web design and/or web development services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or request a call-back/email-back

Both are completely separate from each other, but are certainly vital for the success of your website.


What can we provide?

Website Design

Website Design

Website design provides the plan and structure of the new website. Visual appearance is the main focus for web design and includes aspects relating to:

Other important aspects also considered during website design include:

Website Development

Website Development

Website development consists of the actual coding – this turns the preview into reality. We start with the design, aiming to replicate it as closely as possible, to construct a WordPress based custom template. WordPress is the most well known CMS (Content Management System) in the industry, and will provide your website with a simple, yet very powerful back-end interface that will allow you to edit your content! If you are new to WordPress, we can even show you how it works.

At Sol Technology, website development services can be done solo, just in-case you have already got the design. We utilize a range of different computer languages that help us provide a better end product to the client, including:



If you are interested in seeing some examples, please visit our portfolio now!

Websites are our domain…

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