Data Backup & Recovery

It is very easy to be complacent about backing up data and information – after all, most of the time our devices work the way they should (and if they don’t you should call us!) and we don’t think about recovering files… until we lose them.

Losing precious and often irreplaceable data and information, whether it be from a faulty device or a natural disaster, can be absolutely devastating. The financial impacts to business can be huge as are the emotional impacts when files such as photos of our children or other special moments are lost.

Data and file loss can be prevented.

As your local Brisbane IT experts, we can secure your files and ensure they are easily recoverable should the worst happen. We can recommend the best on-site and off-site solutions, completely customised to your situation and needs.

Areas prone to natural disasters such as flooding, are usually better placed with off-site back-up capability. Whereas other circumstances may simply need an additional on-site server. We will take your individual needs into account prior to creating a professional recommendation for the best option.

Be prepared not sorry.

What if my data is already lost?

Sol Technology uses various tools to maximize data recovery attempts and in many cases, we will be able to recover lost data from your IT system. This includes old computers, SSDs and other storage devices.

And since we come to you through our Mobile IT Service – you can’t go wrong.

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