Website Design & Development

Sol Technology provides both Web Design and Web Development services. We can create a package which includes both design and development or you can elect to bring a ready- made design to us and we will build it.

Website Development

Website development means the coding of the website. Coding is the unique language which makes the web design come to life on screen.

Once the design is complete we construct the site on a custom WordPress template.

We use WordPress to develop our sites as it is a very widely industry recognised CMS (content management system)

From a user perspective, WordPress is very easy to use and will give your website a simple, yet powerful back-end interface. This allows you to edit your own content.

We provide training on how to use WordPress if you are new to websites; so, you can be assured you will be able to manage your own site effectively from the day it is launched.

  • If you already have a design, Sol Technology are happy to simply complete the development component for you. We use a range of different languages and frameworks that help us provide a better product to you as the client.

Website Design

Good web design put the users’ needs front and centre. If your customers find your site difficult to navigate or unappealing visually they will often leave. It is good to think of your website as a shop-front. Are you inviting your ideal customers inside or chasing them away with old outdated visuals?

We design websites with your customers in mind and take the time to discuss the elements with you before the design process begins. Elements to consider include:

  • Colour
  • Images
  • Text & Fonts
  • Feature placement
  • Forms
  • Responsive design (for mobiles & tablets)
  • E-commerce capability
  • Extra functionality (animations, image sliders, dynamic content etc).

Other important aspects also considered during website design include:

  • Menu structuring
  • Ease of navigation/use
  • Load times
  • Browser Compatibility (Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.).

Feel free to call us for an obligation free discussion on your website needs.

Pricing & Costs

The cost of website design and development varies depending on the size of the site, design components, required plug-ins and optional e-commerce ability.
We offer obligation free quotes for all website design and development projects. We are happy to discuss your individual needs and provide advice on the best option available before your commit.
Call or email us for advice and pricing.

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