Networking & Internet

We offer a complete end-to-end networking and internet service including supply and installation of routers, switches, access points, cabling, and any other network equipment you may require. This service is available to both businesses and home users.

Wireless or Wired we have you covered!

Business IT Networking

Networking involves the communication of multiple devices with each other. We can provide numerous business networking solutions to speed up and simplify your workflow.

From simple printer sharing, file sharing, workstations and servers, through to mobile devices and tablets, we have the experience and ability to help you get connected and stay connected.

We can supply networking solutions for:

  • Routing & switching between PC’s, Mac’s, servers, smartphones, and gaming consoles
  • Cloud storage solutions
  • File sharing
  • Networking printers
  • Network diagnostics
  • Custom cabling.

We can also provide you with professional recommendations on the best service provider to suit your location, user load and connection needs.

Whether your business is a solo show or one with 50+ users, Sol Technology has the experience to help.

For the Home

We find most home users just want a simple way to connect to the internet to stream movies, game and surf the web.

We can provide easy home networking options to get you online, connected and streaming in no time. We can also provide recommendations for the best internet providers to suit your family’s needs and completely set-up and install all your devices.

Being without internet in this day and age is simply not an option

Internet connectivity issues are frustrating and can really hamper your ability to work from home, relax and connect with the outside work. We can supply solutions for common internet connectivity issues including:

  • Signal strength & dropouts
  • Wireless devices & configuration
  • Wireless security
  • Internet security
  • Working away from home or remotely

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